Little Farmers Zoo



& Community

All concrete powder,  Lafarge

Drawings & plans,  Graystone Engineering

Geotechnical survey,  Trow Consulting

Society registration,  MJB Lawyers

Camera & installation ,  The Security Co.

Camera,  Westsyde Fun Leaguers

2 lifts 2x6x8,  Weyerhaeuser

Bobcat  & Trencher,  RSC Equipment

Doors & Windows,  Publics Own Market

Drain rock,  Westsyde Road Materials

Backhoe time,  G.B. Excavating

Compactors,  Jasco Rentals

Dump truck time,  Mire Contracting

Poles and street lights,  Harrison Industrial

Underground power cable,  Harrison Industrial

Hiab truck time,  Inland Building Supplies

Video monitor & switcher,  Scotia Bank

Snap tie forms,  Ok Ready Mix

Brock Lions Club,  Cash

Lift ¾ form plywood,  Ainsworth Lumber

Lift 5/8 plywood,  Windsor Plywood

Pump truck time,  Normac

Snap ties & forms,  Steels

Snap ties & forms,  National Concrete

Scaffolding,  Amark  Rentals

9 1/2 “ Joists,  Norberg Truss

Lift 2x4x10’ ,  Surplus Herbys

9 1/2 “ Joists,  Rona

Excavator time,  Weyerhaeuser

Veterinarian Service, Valleyview Vet Clinic

45 – anchor bolts,  National Concrete

Lift 2 x 10 x 16’ Tolko Merritt

Truss construction & delivery, Accutruss

Low bed hauling,  Upcott Enterprises

Truss nailing plates, Norberg Truss

Rebar tying,  Almac Renforcing

55 sheets 3/8 plywood, Tolko Heffley

Damp proofing,  Walter Dmyterko

Truss construction,  Accutruss

Truss hardware,  Norberg Truss

Lift 2 x 10 x 16’,  Tolko Merritt

Concrete, OK Ready Mix

Rental Equipment, The Cat Rental Store

Lift 3/8 plywood, Tolko Heffley Creek


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Volunteers Corporations & Community

The donations of labor and materials by individuals, businesses & community groups make it possible for this operation to continue.  There are so many people to thank who have had a hand in  this little farm in the park be just that.

Small Kiosk where you can snacks and goat feed

Pick a Project

Repair Chain Link

  • Chain link fencing needs to be         reattached to top rail
  • Man gate installed at duck pond
  • Install new fence and gates to make pig enclosure bigger


  • Build storage closet in kiosk with shelves with a  locking door.

Repair Duck Pond

  • Concrete duck pond has large gaps between floor and wall
  • Apparently there is a new concrete patching product that will fill these flaws

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Little Farmers Zoo Volunteers Corporations & Community
Small Kiosk where you can snacks and goat feed
Volunteers Corporations & Community
Small Kiosk where you can snacks and goat feed